How To Use Crystals ? Do They Work ?

How crystals really work

If you’ve ever been in our shop or walked past and looked inside, there’s a chance you’ve been stunned by rows of sparkly things…💎

Crystals. The radiant gems have accordingly become so commonplace today, that they’re no longer reserved for old, tucked away metaphysical shops. 💎

Crystals can be found everywhere these days and used by anyone — from yoga teachers to mum’s & dads also professionals who like to keep their energy’s high during their work grind.💎

How to use crystals

How To Use Crystals

The first thing to understand about crystals is that it’s based entirely upon energy.Crystals and many gemstones are made with millions of years of pressure and heat and therefore carry a high energetic value. It takes a massive amount of energy to make a single crystal.💎

We are made of energy just like crystals are. The energetic imprint of a crystal influences us by interacting with our own energy body — our frequencies have a conversation, in a way.💎

You can go about buying your first or next crystal in any way — there is no right or wrong. But there are two approaches:Opt for the crystal that is “calling you.” or Research crystals that will help you invoke what you need.💎

Crystals and you

Crystals & You

Crystal healing is, more than anything, intuitive work. At the end of the day, you are your own healer. You call the shots.💎

How to use crystals:💎

Set An Intention ~ Take hold of your new crystal, find a seat, and close your eyes. Hold your crystal gently, and start to think of your intention.💎

Meditation ~ You can hold it in your hands, your lap, or simply place it nearby. As you move into meditation, trust that your crystal’s frequencies are very much a part of your experience.💎

Once you get started with crystals, you’ll naturally pick up on how they add value and meaning to your life.💎

Mostly, they do it through the meaning of intention. Crystals are all about intention: they are what you make them to be. 💎

Working with crystals everyday

Crystals are an honest miracle of nature, each unique, each powerful — as it turns out, crystals are kind of like us.💎

Much Love & Light To You All 🙏🥰

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