Check Out The Best Crystals for Christmas 2022

Do we really need an excuse to treat ourselves to the joy and beauty of crystals, but just in case you need a reason, what better occasion than Christmas?

Crystals make wonderful gifts, and when you know a little about their metaphysical properties you can tailor your choices to suit the recipient. Take a look at our specially prepared “Christmas” guide.

Why use crystals at Christmas time?

Crystals and stones can make powerful gifts because they reflect the intimate knowledge you have of a friend’s life and your understanding of their innermost needs and desires

Each crystal vibrates at a precise frequency, which is why we use various healing stones for different things. Crystals give out and absorb energy, so, if they’re nearby, they are constantly working in your favor to keep you grounded and at one with your inner Buddy the Elf.

This stone has a soothing vibration that will help to calm any frayed nerves or feelings of overwhelm that can creep up on us over the Christmas period. It is a wonderful crystal to place under your pillow to help combat insomnia and promote restful, refreshing sleep. 

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Do you have any relatives or friends who are struggling with managing their finances? As well as being a brilliant stone for attracting wealth and abundance in all things, Citrine also has a reputation for promoting good money management strategies. If you tend to get carried away when buying gifts at Christmas, try wearing a Citrine bracelet on your “giving” side to reign in your impulse buying.

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Rose Quartz
Give the gift of unconditional love with Rose Quartz. This delicate pink crystal looks good anywhere, and in any form, from raw chunks to polished stones in jewellery. Rose Quartz opens the heart to receiving and giving love in equal measure. It protects the Heart chakra from negative influences and encourages the free expression of love between people. 

rose quartz, mineral, pink-1908558.jpg

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of top 10 crystals for the holiday season.

Since the holiday season is filled with many social gatherings and get-togethers, these crystals for the holiday can also help by improving harmony, peace, and cohesiveness.

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