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Yes we do not use stock photos when selling crystals, we offer a wide variety of photos on each product so you can see what you will averagely be receiving and also the options you could be receiving with specifications. Please check our product descriptions as some may state “shapes and sizes vary and they are sold individually.” Others that do not state this are unique products.

Yes we can help! A lot of our customers ask us to shop for them, we can do this for you, please contact us so we can send you further information on sourcing that product for you.

There are a few ways. Since the most important aspect of clearing is intention, whatever you do will work. However, there are ways that I prefer. I wash my crystals under warm water with dish soap ( Simply because it is handy.) As the water runs over the crystal I mentally see any old energy being removed from the crystal. I give it love and ask for it to be renewed to it’s full power. I do not suggest using salt or salt water as it may pit certain soft stones. This isn’t rocket science so don’t worry about doing it right. As long as you are in your heart and all is for the highest good you will do just fine.

We suggest you contact us to discuss the areas you need help with. Look for the ones that “sparkle” out to you. They are calling you! Crystals choose you not the other way around.

A particular stone will have the innate energy of that material, however the better a stone you have, the more clear the energy will be. I always suggest that you get the best quality you can afford. However, any stone will be better than none.

Some stones are not naturally terminated, broken or just otherwise are not directing the energy of the stone. These will direct the natural energy of the stone better when it is cut and polished in a way that will move the energy in a flowing manner. Most people prefer a natural stone as it accommodates the natural flow of energy.

There are way too many ways to go into here. I suggest you contact us and we will tell you how to use each crystal to get the best from them.

A crystal will activate an energy center in your body. If that center has been blocked, when it is activated it may create an uneasy feeling. This will eventually go away. This feeling is actually a good thing, it lets you know your crystals are working.

YES! The animals love crystal energy!

Of course. This is a great way to get the crystal energy. As long as the stone is in your energy field, it will work. Why not share the beauty of crystals with others by wearing them.

Sure. They love having the company of each other.

Yes but be careful. I would not leave any crystals or minerals with color in them in the sun for any extended period of time. The sun will make most things fade, and crystals are no exception.

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