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Did You Know? For Thousands Of Years, Humans Have Used Crystals

In fact, archaeologists have found evidence of crystal collections at excavation sites belonging to early people some 100,000 years ago!

Originally, it was the ancient Sumerians. This group relied upon crystals for their magic formulas and as symbolic tools. Later, the Greeks would attribute many of the properties and names for crystals – which us modern folks still use today.

stonehenge under nimbostratus clouds
Scientists discover Stonehenge is constructed from  sand-sized quartz grains that are cemented tightly together by an interlocking “mosaic” of quartz crystals.

But why the sudden renewed interested in crystals?

Anne and Paul of Mystical Stones, based at Moss End Garden Center, Bracknell have seen explosive growth in the crystal community recently and are on a mission:

Spreading Love & Light Through The Power of Crystals for which the need has never been greater.

“Before 2020, people were already becoming more aware of the power that crystals hold and wanted to learn more about their metaphysical nature,” Anne explains.

“Then lock down happened. Suddenly, our collective interest in crystals surged as we all had more time to be introspective.”

Anne of Mystical Stones feels that people are eager for a holistic approach to mental health and managing life stress via crystals.

“There are so many spiritual uses for crystals,” she adds. “I find immense joy in watching people discover the perfect stone for their needs, hearing their stories, or offering my advice and suggestions.”

Crystals also make thoughtful gifts.

“It’s a way of saying, ‘I know and care about you,” Anne Kent explains.

The world is waking up to the power of crystals

Paul Cheek, who runs Mystical Stones alongside partner Anne, has also noticed crystals surging in popularity. As healing tools, gifts, tokens, home decor, jewellery – the list goes on and on.

He has been around crystals his entire life; he used to get them as gifts as a child from family members which started his crystal and spiritual journey.

“The world is waking up to the power of crystals,” he says. “They are a fantastic tool for mental health, manifestation, self-confidence, luck, and happiness.”

Together, Anne and Paul are warmly embracing their new crystal community in Bracknell and look forward to saying “hello!” to even more crystal lovers, both at home and further abroad!

Much Love & Light To You All Anne & Paul🙏🥰

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