Pink Agate Butterfly Wings Brazilian 7.5″ Tall


Brazilian Pink Agate Butterfly Wings on custom made stand from Brazil.

Dyed Pink Brazilian Agate slices displayed as Butterfly Wings with a black metal base. A beautiful piece that will make a great decoration or gift.

Agate is formed in the cavities of ancient volcanic rocks. After the rock cools, microcrystal fibers collect as water pools or passes through.

Those who want to celebrate love for their children may find Pink Agate speaks to them. It can also be a talisman for those seeking to balance anxiety. This stone is typically dyed.

After millions of years in the making the beauty of Agate stone is revealed after a delicate cutting process. Two back to back Agate slices are required to create these “butterfly wings”. Make them yours today!

7.5″ Tall x 7″ Wide


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