Natural Chrysocolla Tumble Stones


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Discover the calming and soothing energies of our Natural Chrysocolla Tumble Stones. Each stone is carefully hand-selected to ensure you receive the highest quality crystals, perfect for your healing and spiritual practices.


  • Stone Type: Natural Chrysocolla
  • Size: Approximately 1-2 inches
  • Color: Vibrant turquoise with unique patterns
  • Finish: Smooth, polished tumble stones
  • Origin: Ethically sourced


Chrysocolla is known for its tranquil and calming properties, making it an excellent companion for meditation, stress relief, and emotional healing. Its beautiful turquoise hue is said to bring peace, serenity, and balance to the mind and body.


  • Meditation & Yoga: Enhance your practice by placing Chrysocolla stones around your space to promote inner peace and emotional clarity.
  • Reiki & Energy Healing: Use these stones to balance and cleanse your energy centers, providing a calming influence during healing sessions.
  • Home Décor: Add a touch of natural beauty to your home with these stunning stones. Perfect for crystal grids, altars, or as a decorative piece.
  • Gifts: An ideal gift for crystal enthusiasts, healers, and anyone in need of tranquility and balance in their life.

How to Use:

  1. Meditation: Hold a stone in your hand or place it near you to enhance your meditation practice.
  2. Energy Healing: Place the stones on specific chakras or around your body to facilitate energy flow and healing.
  3. Decorative Display: Create a beautiful display by arranging the stones in a bowl or on a tray to bring a touch of nature indoors.

Care Instructions:

  • Cleanse your Chrysocolla stones regularly using gentle methods such as moonlight, smudging, or a quick rinse in running water.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to water, as Chrysocolla is a softer stone and can be damaged by excessive moisture.

Why Choose Us:

We are committed to providing ethically sourced, high-quality crystals that are handpicked for their beauty and energy. Our Chrysocolla tumble stones are no exception, offering you a piece of nature’s art that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Add a touch of tranquility to your life with our Natural Chrysocolla Tumble Stones. Order yours today and start experiencing the calming benefits of this beautiful crystal!

Note: Due to the natural variations in Chrysocolla, each stone is unique and may vary slightly in color, size, and shape.

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