Citrine Statement Piece


Elevate your space with our mesmerizing heat treated Citrine Statement Piece delicately showcased on a custom-made stand.

🌟 Stunning Citrine Crystal: Carefully selected for its radiant beauty and positive energy.

🔶 Handcrafted Stand: Our custom-made stand is designed to complement the natural elegance of the Citrine, creating a captivating display.

✨ Positive Vibes: Citrine is known for its association with abundance, prosperity, and joy, making it the perfect addition to any home or office space.

🎁 Perfect Gift: Surprise a loved one with this unique and meaningful statement piece that will brighten their day and space.

🛍️ Shop with Confidence: Each Citrine Statement Piece is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring quality and satisfaction.

Dimensions: Height: 21″″ Width: 8″ Depth:10″

Weight: 13.1 kg

Transform your surroundings with the enchanting allure of Citrine. Order yours today and let the positive energy flow!


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