Black Obsidian Tower


Black Obsidian Tower –  Protection, and Energy Amplification”

Description: Enhance your spiritual journey and energy practices with this stunning Black Obsidian Tower! Handcrafted from genuine Black Obsidian, this sleek tower stands tall at height inches 8″, radiating powerful energy and offering a range of metaphysical benefits.

Black Obsidian is revered for its protective properties, shielding against negativity and unwanted energies while promoting a sense of clarity and grounding. As a powerful grounding stone, it anchors the soul into the physical plane, making it an essential tool for meditation, spiritual growth, and inner exploration.

This exquisite tower is not only a beautiful addition to any crystal collection but also a potent tool for energy work and healing rituals. Place it in your sacred space, meditation corner, or any area where you seek to enhance positive energy flow and protection.


  • Made from genuine Black Obsidian
  • Tower design for energy amplification
  • Height 8″  Width: 3″ Depth: 3″
  • Weight 2.1 kg
  • Rough & Smooth, polished finish


  • Meditation aid
  • Chakra balancing
  • Reiki healing
  • Aura cleansing
  • Feng Shui enhancement

Whether you’re a seasoned crystal enthusiast or a beginner exploring the world of metaphysics, this Black Obsidian Tower is a must-have for your collection. Harness its powerful energy to elevate your spiritual practice and create a harmonious environment filled with positive vibes.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring the protective and transformative energy of Black Obsidian into your life. Add this mesmerizing tower to your cart now and experience its magic for yourself!


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