Malachite Animals


Malachite is the “new leaf” stone. It is a strong yet gentle stone that helps clear away negative energies.

Malachite is often used by healers to help protect against negative energies. Malachite helps us by manifesting change.

It helps removes emotional blockages and opens up our hearts and eyes to new experiences. Giving us the inner strength and confidence when we need them the most.

Malachite Lion 1: 225g. 5cm tall x 11cm long.sold

Malachite Lion 2: 150g. 4.5cm tall x 9cm long

Malachite Lion 3: 150g. 4cm tall x 9cm long

Malachite Lion 4: 250g. 7cm tall x 12cm long sold


Lion One, Lion Two, Lion Three, Lion Four


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